Rentable Items for Events

We currently several items to rent for your events. Let us know by email if you are interested. Julie Ross will deliver items to the barn and/or grounds and return delivery to the kitchen.

An example rental would be plate,  glass, 3 piece silverware = $ 2.10 p/p


Beautiful, vintage plates: 150 of them  .60 ea.  Many are one of a kind.  If you need help getting them place-centered and variety at each table, let me know: I am happy to volunteer to oversee or help if you have a team available. The size varies a bit but adds to the charm.

Blue speckled enamel plates:  150 of them  .60 ea.   10.25" diameter inches each.  This is a more informal look.

Glassware: 150 of them   .60 ea.   8 oz glasses that are great for water or wine.  4.75 " tall and 3" across the top.  "perfect" size for variety of uses.

Punch or coffee cups:  150 of them  .60 ea.  Cute for apple cider on the patio after your ceremony. A novel touch to hold desserts or treats.

Silverware: 140 sets  .30 ea. piece -  fork, knife, spoon, soup spoons, desserts forks and serving pieces.  

Glass bowls:   40 of them   .60 ea. 3" tall and 6" wide;  for a variety of uses:  salad? soup? floating flowers?

Galvanized trays with rope handles: 4 of them  1.00 ea..   22" x 12"  perfect for cookies, treats

Wood tea lights: 10 of them 1.00 ea. , various heights/widths..ranging from 3" to 5" tall

Wood Rounds:  30 of them,  1.00 ea. evenly sawn and one coat varnish .some have cracks which adds to the charm...some variation in width.

Vases: 35 of them,  .60 ea.   3.5" x 3.5"  Great for  dried or fresh flowers or whatever else you come up with. .50 ea.

Round glass baskets:  9 of them  .60 ea.    8" tall includes wire, bottom  glass part is 3" tall.  darling for candles, greens, whatever..